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Gulliver's Gate

Gulliver's Gate

Gulliver's Gate

Ticket Details

Ticket Details

  • General Admission to Gulliver's Gate
  • 50,000-square-foot miniature world to explore
  • Souvenir key allowing guests to interact with the models
  • 3D scan that can be used to create personalised miniatures


Full details

Our guide to Gulliver's Gate

A full New-York-City-block wide, Gulliver's Gate is a technologically advanced, interactive and immersive world of miniatures that will ignite your imagination and challenge your perspective. 

Here you can both experience the models and learn about the technology, engineering and science to bring them to life. Use your souvenir key to interact with the models - Help raise London's Tower Bridge, guide a gondola through the canals of Venice, watch a train through the heart of New York City or drive a car through the Alps. 

Wander with Wonder and take as many pictures or videos as you wish. Remember the closer you look, the more you see. Search for Spiderman in New York City, find The Beatles on the zebra-crossing at Abbey Road or hunt for Nessie.

At present their are seven exhibits for you to explore - New York City, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, New England, Russia and Asia! 

The New York City exhibit celebrates scale and reveals the busy street life of its urban landscape. Look for all the major landmarks from the Empire State Building, to Central Park, to the Staten Island Ferry Building and to Grand Central Station — sliced open to allow you to see three levels of transit at the same time – cars, commuter trains and the subway system, as well as the main concourse.  More than a city of great sights, New York is a city of great people - spot the firefighters high-fiving each other as they rescue a cat from a tree, trapeze artists swinging on a flying trapeze, a grafitti artist tagging a wall, and a man cracking a safe in the Met Life Building.

The Asiana exhibit portrays the landscape of Asia unfolding over half of a city block so exploring the largest continent on Earth just got a lot easier -marvel at the changing colours of the Taj Mahal, depending on the time of day, discover Angor Wat and Malaysia’s Petronas Towers and look for a Pokémon on Mount Fuji before  reaching China, its Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

The Europe exhibit unfurls like an intricate puzzle with the Colossus of Rhodes welcoming you to a place where Don Quixote and Zeus ponder a landscape of windmills, the Aurora Borealis, the Large Hadron Collider, the Matterhorn and the Berlin Wall. 

Russia, from the Romanovs to Tolstoy to Vladimir Lenin and then to modern day, is a winter landscape of snowmen, skiers and folk trying to keep warm amid the Moscow traffic under the shadows of St Basil's Cathedral and the Rostral Columns. Look for ice sculpture carving, troika rides, dogsleds and ice baths as you wind your way through Winterland and where 250 metres of model train track course through the exhibit and its amazing interactive elements will be sure to leave a smile on even a snowman's face.

New England — the birthplace of the United States and quintessential Americana -  the model shrugs off the constraints of time and reveals her glory in all the seasons. From summer  beach scenes, to the famous fall foliage, to skiers on Vermont’s highest peak, we invite explorers to revel in the best each season has to offer. Spot Tom Brady’s jersey hanging on a clothesline to dry, a moose behind the log cabin or the Green Monster in Boston’s Fenway Park. Enjoy the ride as the  model railroads course through New England. You’ll see freight trains, passenger trains —including an Acela, logs trains, mine ore cars and even a cog train. 

Cities of Gold await in Latin America but first visit our Panama Canal and watch as we move freighters through different levels in the functioning locks. Experience the majesty of Iguazu Falls and then the Puente de la Mujer in Buenos Aires before sensing the early explorers' feelings of discovery when finding the ancient cities of Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza.

Finally, The Middle East awaits. The mysteries of the ancients and contemporary wonders collide as you step into the cradle of the world’s three largest monotheistic religions - Judaism, Islam and Christianity - and see history evolve in front of your eyes.

And then, once you have travelled the world, take the opportunity to become a Model Citizen of Gulliver's Gate. This is your chance to become a permanent fixture of the exhibit - have your whole body scanned and be recreated as a figure in the display. You also have the chance to purchase a larger 'figure' of yourself to have made and sent to your home (fee payable locally). The likeness is incredible and it makes for a very unique souvenir. 

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Gulliver's Gate

  • You will be sent a ticket from us via e-mail confirming the date you have booked. Please use this to enter Gulliver's Gate. You must use the ticket on the date specified on the ticket.
  • Children aged 0-5 years old are allowed to enter Gulliver's Gate for free.
  • Once booked tickets are non-refundable. 

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